Ideagen Carbon Accounting

AI-powered carbon accounting for modern businesses.


Ideagen Carbon Accounting has been created through a partnership between Ideagen and London based sustainability tech company Emizio.
Emizio has pioneered the use of AI to dramatically improve the carbon accounting process for corporates. Ideagen is one of the world's fastest growing software companies specialising in quality, audit, safety and risk solutions.
Together we are able to offer a superior solution for all carbon accounting needs.

Emizio leadership team.

Meet our people.

Natasha Thakur

Natasha leads Ideagen Carbon Accounting’s business strategy, drawing on over 10 years of leadership expertise to foster strong, collaborative customer relationships and innovative, impactful industry partnerships.


Steve Spence

Steve’s 25 years’ experience in software engineering and product development, and his background at the world’s biggest tech companies, make him the perfect person to drive our tech innovation and lead the way on product delivery.

Chief Carbon Officer

Alex Whyte

Alex’s experience in corporate sustainability consulting, carbon accounting and climate strategy with some of the world’s best known brands brings industry leading expertise to our product, to help our customers thrive.

Frequently asked questions

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How does Ideagen Carbon Accounting work?

Ideagen Carbon Accounting works from your web browser, which means no lengthy software downloads or complex tech integrations.

Our simple self-service dashboard actively guides your organization through the full corporate carbon accounting process from start to finish, delivering actionable, report-ready carbon accounts in accordance with the GHG Protocol Corporate Standards - the universal reference standards for regulatory and voluntary emissions reporting frameworks.

A simple workflow automatically, uncovers your corporate emissions sources, and shows you exactly what data is required to cover them, so no special expertise are needed to get started and achieve the best results.

The moment a data requirement is uploaded, our AI-powered data processing engine reads it - regardless of its format - and extracts all the relevant information required to complete the carbon emissions calculations. It also performs stringent quality and completeness checks, to show you if there is anything missing.

Using the data extracted from uploaded records, Ideagen Carbon Accounting does all the carbon accounting calculations for you automatically. You get your results instantly, and can see exactly what went into them. As your results are generated, they are consolidated into your company-wide carbon accounts in your results dashboard, where you can check your progress towards completion.

This seamless process eliminates the time and human error of conventional manual data entry, and avoids the complexity of spreadsheet-based data management. It also gives your carbon accounts unparalleled auditability, so you can have the peace of mind to use your results with complete confidence.

Is my data safe on Ideagen Carbon Accounting?

Yes. We take the safety of our customer’s data very seriously. We have stringent security practices in place and are working towards our ISO27001 certification.

Is Ideagen Carbon Accounting emissions data compliance-ready?

Yes. Ideagen Carbon Accounting follows the GHG Protocol Corporate Standards, the universal reference for regulatory and voluntary emissions reporting standards. The results are fully traceable, accurate and ready to use for, meeting regulatory requirements (like the SECR and CSRD), achieving third-party assurance, and voluntary reporting initiatives.

What if I’m missing data?

Ideagen Carbon Accounting automatically recognizes when activity data is missing and models the expected activity, to help you avoid misreporting. You are alerted of any data gaps so you can rectify them where possible, and the modeling is fully transparent and auditable, ensuring the highest possible accuracy across your results, regardless of how much data is missing. Easy-to-read scientific uncertainty ranges make it easy to understand how unavoidable data gaps impact the accuracy of your results. The more data you’re missing, the higher the uncertainty value. The more data you submit, the lower the uncertainty value.

How reliable are my emissions results?

Unlike conventional solutions to carbon accounting, Ideagen Carbon Accounting deals directly with your original corporate activity data records.

To be specific, these “records” are the inhomogeneous, unstructured data sources - such as energy usage records, or business travel records - which conventionally, human beings (either your staff contributing data, or your third party consultants) - are required to look at and manually transcribe into standardized formats, typically by filling in spreadsheets.

Instead of forcing human beings to manually transcribe data, Ideagen Carbon Accounting automatically reads and uses data points extracted directly from your uploaded records, as inputs into your emissions calculations.

Our automated data processing engine is more reliable than humans, so you avoid the risks of human-error which are very common in conventional approaches to carbon accounting, and contribute to the risks of misreporting.

And, because Ideagen Carbon Accounting deals directly with you original corporate activity data records, there are no intermediate spreadsheets breaking the golden thread between your input data, and your emissions results. Your results are tied directly to the original input data sources, giving your accounts unparalleled integrity.

By using the rich metadata contained within original activity data records, which is often lost in conventional approaches, Ideagen Carbon Accounting assigns emission factors more accurately in your calculations, offering you results which better reflect the reality of your corporate emissions profile.

For all those reasons and more, you can be confident that your carbon emissions results from Ideagen Carbon Acccounting are highly reliable.

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